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Hello, Mr. Troll

20 Jan

One of the most terrifying creatures a low level character in Skyrim can encounter is a troll. If you happen upon a Frost Troll, best start praying to your favorite Divine, cause you’re in for a beating.

Trolls in general are nasty creatures. Able to regenerate health in addition to hitting hard, they’re a tough opponent. Frost Trolls especially pack a punch. I died many times to accidentally running within range of one of these guys.

The first time I happened upon was unfortunate. It hopped down from a ledge as I rode past, dismounted me, and then one-shot my horse. I turned around in confusion at my lack of transport and proceded to have my ass handed to me. I had grown very attached to my horse, as it was my first one, so I chose to reload.

Come Down Here!

22 Dec

Haven’t been doodling much as of late. I am ashamed. Been taking care of Parker, playing Skyrim, and getting ready for the holidays (so much baking).

It’s not much, but it’s something! Little cartoon that is basically how I feel in Skyrim when I encounter a dragon. Once they land, I dominate them. Until then though…