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Arkham City

19 Oct



Picked up Batman: Arkham City yesterday. This time, I’m just going to watch Parker play, instead of trying to play through myself. Not very good at finishing games, so this way is probably my best bet. Like the last game, it’s really well put together, and you get to feel as if you are Batman.

People were being skeptical as to how “open world” this would be, and from what we can see, it does a decent job. There are lots of side quests, mini events happening, and you can go to all kinds of places. The inmates are hilarious, as some of them just kind of accept that they are there to be beaten up by you.

The Penguin

The Penguin

While watching Parker kick-ass as Batman, I did some doodling. First thing to do was pretty mandatory. Did a simplistic version of him though. Should probably color him in.

Next character I did was Catwoman. She shows up really early in the game. Couldn’t make up my mind on how to pose her. I like the crouch, but wasn’t sure if it looked too… fake? Not sure. I adore her goggles. The open suit is somewhat silly in my eyes, but oh well!

Finally, I wanted to do a more villainy-villain. Went with The Penguin. Think I got the body/posture right. And the nose. Should have given him a monocle and some rings I think. Maybe I’ll add them later.



Mad Men Doodles

22 Jun

Doodled while starting to watch Mad Men.



14 Jun