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Sketching At Work

29 Sep


Had a few team and company meetings at work. Did some doodling as a result. Trying to draw realistic people is difficult. Need to crack open the drawing books again, get back to practicing.


First up is my new-ish boss, Lisa. She’s a cool lady. Had a lot of fun with the top she was wearing. It had some floppy collar-type thing. And the glasses! Being able to draw the eyes and the glasses is something I always strive to do well. It’s so easy to just draw the glasses and not bother with the eyes.

Beside her is my attempt at Kara, who visited our team meeting (it was offsite). Couldn’t figure out her mouth for the life of me so that’s why it’s blank.  I think I did alright with her eyes and nose.


Next is Chris. She handles finances and keeps me supplied with Diet Pepsi and entertaining stories.

Another challenge  I’ve discovered: conveying age well. Chris isn’t ancient by any means, but she’s definitely experienced her fair share of what life has offered her. Tried to get across her age without making her look like an old crone.

Don’t think I succeeded. Looks too young. I’m sure she’d be pleased by that though! She’s like my mother in that aspect, never acting their age: only as old as you feel!

Also, not really sure how to convey different skin tones currently. She’s very tan.Actually, all three coworkers I’m showing here have color to them, unlike myself. As I said, Chris is tan, but so is Lisa. Kara has more of a dark olive skin tone to her.

More things to work on, I suppose!

…and hands. Ugh.


And finally, what popped into my head when we were goofing around with phrases. Personally,  I am not fond of any of these terms, but social media folks love them. To each their own!

Buzz words.

Depicting them in cartoon format makes them easier for me to deal with.


Doodling at the Keep

5 Jun

The wonderful Game Manager at the Keep, Anna

Chris and James. The painting-gaming duo.

Navy-boy, Chuck