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My First Whelp

6 Jan

Started painting this little guy last week. Finished him up the other day. For my first one, I decided to pick one of the minis that seemed simple, mostly due to the lack of weapons and armor. Probably not all that surprising that I did this initial one in blue (my favorite color).

Overall, I’m pleased with how this guy turned out. Took awhile to make up my mind with the mouth area. The jaw went through various shades of blue before I settled on making it the silvery-blue that I used for the claws. For the crown and back, I drybrushed… after Anna showed me how to do that again. Thought about doing an ink at the end, but decided not to.

Candy and Cola: Initial Painting

31 Dec

Continuing my adventures in painting miniatures, I decided to take a stab at Candy and Cola from the game Super Dungeon Explore. I was convinced to pick this up during the most recent PAXPrime by my friend Anna, who is the one getting me into painting.

At the time that I purchased Candy and Cola, SDE was not available. It is now though, and apparently this hero is a little bit OP, much to my amusement. Regardless, this mini is very cute!

As you may notice, this mini is not exactly done. Got the base colors there, but not much else. Looking forward to adding details here and there such as hair highlights.

SodaPop mini

14 May


I painted another SodaPop mini. Elf ranger this time.

I painted miniatures

25 Mar