Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

8 Feb

In addition to helping me pay for my recent computer upgrade, Parker gave me 2 DS games for my birthday: Professor Layton and the Last Specter and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. Only recently cracked them open to play. Still using my DS Lite. Never upgraded to a DSi, and don’t see the need for a 3DS just yet.

Both games are what I call visual novels. It’s a style of game that I greatly enjoy! They typically have great characters, wonderful stories, and fun puzzles. Examples of these are Phoenix Wright and 999.

First one I devoured was Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. The game starts out with the main character dying. How? Why? Don’t know! That’s what you are trying to figure out, because you can’t remember. Luckily, as a ghost you’re able to do tricks, such as open and close an umbrella.

I really recommend this game for the story. For every answer, more questions came up. It was rather hard for me to put the game down at times. If you have an iOS device, the first 2 chapters are free.

Now to talk about my doodle! Mostly sketched from memory. Don’t think I did tooooooo bad. However, I have no idea why I made his hair bend like that. Meh! I enjoy his shades. Why? Since I was little, I’ve usually drawn the Sun with shades very similar to what Sissel here is wearing. Why put shades on the Sun? Dunno! I did it once and never stopped.

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Hello, Mr. Troll

20 Jan

One of the most terrifying creatures a low level character in Skyrim can encounter is a troll. If you happen upon a Frost Troll, best start praying to your favorite Divine, cause you’re in for a beating.

Trolls in general are nasty creatures. Able to regenerate health in addition to hitting hard, they’re a tough opponent. Frost Trolls especially pack a punch. I died many times to accidentally running within range of one of these guys.

The first time I happened upon was unfortunate. It hopped down from a ledge as I rode past, dismounted me, and then one-shot my horse. I turned around in confusion at my lack of transport and proceded to have my ass handed to me. I had grown very attached to my horse, as it was my first one, so I chose to reload.

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My First Whelp

6 Jan

Started painting this little guy last week. Finished him up the other day. For my first one, I decided to pick one of the minis that seemed simple, mostly due to the lack of weapons and armor. Probably not all that surprising that I did this initial one in blue (my favorite color).

Overall, I’m pleased with how this guy turned out. Took awhile to make up my mind with the mouth area. The jaw went through various shades of blue before I settled on making it the silvery-blue that I used for the claws. For the crown and back, I drybrushed… after Anna showed me how to do that again. Thought about doing an ink at the end, but decided not to.

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Candy and Cola: Initial Painting

31 Dec

Continuing my adventures in painting miniatures, I decided to take a stab at Candy and Cola from the game Super Dungeon Explore. I was convinced to pick this up during the most recent PAXPrime by my friend Anna, who is the one getting me into painting.

At the time that I purchased Candy and Cola, SDE was not available. It is now though, and apparently this hero is a little bit OP, much to my amusement. Regardless, this mini is very cute!

As you may notice, this mini is not exactly done. Got the base colors there, but not much else. Looking forward to adding details here and there such as hair highlights.

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Come Down Here!

22 Dec

Haven’t been doodling much as of late. I am ashamed. Been taking care of Parker, playing Skyrim, and getting ready for the holidays (so much baking).

It’s not much, but it’s something! Little cartoon that is basically how I feel in Skyrim when I encounter a dragon. Once they land, I dominate them. Until then though…

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