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Hello, Mr. Troll

20 Jan

One of the most terrifying creatures a low level character in Skyrim can encounter is a troll. If you happen upon a Frost Troll, best start praying to your favorite Divine, cause you’re in for a beating.

Trolls in general are nasty creatures. Able to regenerate health in addition to hitting hard, they’re a tough opponent. Frost Trolls especially pack a punch. I died many times to accidentally running within range of one of these guys.

The first time I happened upon was unfortunate. It hopped down from a ledge as I rode past, dismounted me, and then one-shot my horse. I turned around in confusion at my lack of transport and proceded to have my ass handed to me. I had grown very attached to my horse, as it was my first one, so I chose to reload.

Ronnie. In. Spaaaaaace!!

8 Nov

The other night, I started doodling Ronnie from Whomp!

Since I was watching Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking (which is really quite interesting!) I decided to have him in space.

I’ve been messing around with the brush in gimp. Think I’ve finally decided that a small-radius pencil is the way to go for now. Also, making sure that I work with a large canvas. I can always crop and resize as I wish, so why limit myself?

Just noticed that the purple arm things are uneven. Whoops! Live and Learn! At least I did kinda ok with the perspective? And the spacesuit helmet. I do like that I made it to fit the beard. Also giving myself a pat on the back for trying to color it!

Thieving Penguins

18 Oct

Living in the animal kingdom is a hard life. It’s even tougher when you’re in a harsh climate. Apparently, some make it even worse for others by being jerks… in amusing ways of course

My attempt at cartooning that:

…and then I got super distracted by Mad Men.

Hagrid: Gamekeeper at Hogwarts

9 Oct

I read through all of the Harry Potter books as they came out, starting when there were only 3 out. I devoured each one quickly. They were easy reads and I greatly enjoyed the world.

I never got into the movies as they were released. I saw the first one and left it at that. Liked the theme song that was written for it, but didn’t have much interest in the films themselves.

Parker had read some of the books and watched a few of the films. He convinced me that the movies might be worth going through. They were popular, and being received pretty well… so they couldn’t be all that bad. Unfortunately, Netflix only has them on DVD. But I suppose this allows us to space out the watchings.

To guarantee enjoyment, and to not take the films seriously, we’ve been watching them while drinking a few beers or a daiquiri or two. It’s been a success.

We finished up The Half Blood Prince the other night. Since the last movie is a two-parter, we’re going to take a break so we can watch them close to each other.

As I said earlier, I enjoy the world of Harry Potter. I think the stories and characters are a bit meh. However, there are a few characters I like, such as Hagrid: the simple and kind gamekeeper of Hogwarts

Jon and Ghost

25 Sep

This spring, Game of Thrones premiered on HBO. The season covered the first book of A Song of Ice and Fire, a series by George R. R. Martin. I cannot recommend this series enough to anyone who enjoys fantasy. Or even just medieval fiction, as the fantasy bits aren’t really prominent in the books, not at first. And they certainly aren’t center stage either.

The style the books are written in is one that I greatly enjoy. Each chapter is written from the perspective of a character. Time is passing and we learn what’s going on from different view points, rarely overlapping things that occurred. As such, there’s a great deal of inner monologue that the show wasn’t able to do, but dealt with by having fantastic actors and adding in some scenes to convey certain relationships and understandings.

I’ve been rereading the series so that I can read the latest book. Just started Storm of Swords, the third book. Love the direwolves, hence the drawing.