Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

8 Feb

In addition to helping me pay for my recent computer upgrade, Parker gave me 2 DS games for my birthday: Professor Layton and the Last Specter and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. Only recently cracked them open to play. Still using my DS Lite. Never upgraded to a DSi, and don’t see the need for a 3DS just yet.

Both games are what I call visual novels. It’s a style of game that I greatly enjoy! They typically have great characters, wonderful stories, and fun puzzles. Examples of these are Phoenix Wright and 999.

First one I devoured was Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. The game starts out with the main character dying. How? Why? Don’t know! That’s what you are trying to figure out, because you can’t remember. Luckily, as a ghost you’re able to do tricks, such as open and close an umbrella.

I really recommend this game for the story. For every answer, more questions came up. It was rather hard for me to put the game down at times. If you have an iOS device, the first 2 chapters are free.

Now to talk about my doodle! Mostly sketched from memory. Don’t think I did tooooooo bad. However, I have no idea why I made his hair bend like that. Meh! I enjoy his shades. Why? Since I was little, I’ve usually drawn the Sun with shades very similar to what Sissel here is wearing. Why put shades on the Sun? Dunno! I did it once and never stopped.

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