Hello, Mr. Troll

20 Jan

One of the most terrifying creatures a low level character in Skyrim can encounter is a troll. If you happen upon a Frost Troll, best start praying to your favorite Divine, cause you’re in for a beating.

Trolls in general are nasty creatures. Able to regenerate health in addition to hitting hard, they’re a tough opponent. Frost Trolls especially pack a punch. I died many times to accidentally running within range of one of these guys.

The first time I happened upon was unfortunate. It hopped down from a ledge as I rode past, dismounted me, and then one-shot my horse. I turned around in confusion at my lack of transport and proceded to have my ass handed to me. I had grown very attached to my horse, as it was my first one, so I chose to reload.

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  • http://twitter.com/naporeon Eric

    My first horse was Shadowmere, so the only time I’ve experienced horsedeath was when my first Ancient Dragon landed on me. It was sweet, because it was an Imperial camp, and the dragon also killed everyone there except my quest-giver, the thankfully-unkillable legate.

    I played for a little while before eventually making the same choice you did, and reloading.