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Candy and Cola: Initial Painting

31 Dec

Continuing my adventures in painting miniatures, I decided to take a stab at Candy and Cola from the game Super Dungeon Explore. I was convinced to pick this up during the most recent PAXPrime by my friend Anna, who is the one getting me into painting.

At the time that I purchased Candy and Cola, SDE was not available. It is now though, and apparently this hero is a little bit OP, much to my amusement. Regardless, this mini is very cute!

As you may notice, this mini is not exactly done. Got the base colors there, but not much else. Looking forward to adding details here and there such as hair highlights.

Come Down Here!

22 Dec

Haven’t been doodling much as of late. I am ashamed. Been taking care of Parker, playing Skyrim, and getting ready for the holidays (so much baking).

It’s not much, but it’s something! Little cartoon that is basically how I feel in Skyrim when I encounter a dragon. Once they land, I dominate them. Until then though…

Forgotten Two-Face Sketch

2 Dec

imageFlipped through my sketchbook to find a blank page and found this. Completely forgot to post it!

Parker had been playing Batman: AC and was working on an area that had a bunch of Two-Face goons. That meant whenever he died, Two-Face would appear on the continue screen.


  • Suits are tricky
  • Need to spend a while just drawing hands
Other than that, it’s a doodle!
Will hopefully have more in the near future. I’ve been sucked into Skyrim, so expect my doodles to follow that theme.