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The Last Unicorn

31 Jul

Growing up, I watched a LOT of The Last Unicorn. In many families, there are movies that will instantly appease a child. The child will watch it on repeat for as long as you like. This was one of those movies for me.

When I got older, I read the book it was based off of, and I fell in love all over again.

Last year, they started making it into a comic.
The artwork in said comic is just gorgeous.

Part of the cover for issue #1

Hoping to pick up the graphic novel when it’s released. Especially since I wasn’t able to pick up issue #2.



Sick Coffee Pot

26 Jul


“My coffee pot puked onto the floor this morning”

Ferry dog

23 Jul

Dog that I saw on the ferry today. Belgian ship dog is what the man said.

Didn’t look full grown though, so it wasn’t nearly as big as the ones in the wiki page, and it lacked the ruff around the collar.

It was adorable though!!

Unicorn Chicken

23 Jul


20 Jul